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Owner/Seasonal/Tenant/Light Commercial Occupancies

Values $4,000 - $150,000 (higher limits available in some states)

Mobile Home Replacement Cost or Full Repair Endorsement

Personal Property Replacement Cost

Flood and Natural Disaster

Lenders Interest Protection

Trip Collision coverage

Satellite dish Coverage

Deductibles - $250, $500 & $1000

Comprehensive Personal Liability/
Premises Liability/OL&T

Protection Class 1-10

Mobile Home Schedules

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Coverages/Limits Available:

$5,000 - $150,000

Special Features:

8% credit insured at least age 35

12% credit insured at least age 50

5% credit if no lienholder

5% credit if claim free over the last 12 months





Light Commercial

Mobile Home must be tied down


Vacant/Under renovation or in foreclosure

No permanently installed water, electricity, utilities

Home with polybutelene pipes

Wood/Coal stove as primary heat source


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